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Our motorhome is our place in the country; our beach hut by the coast; our chalet in the Alps; a seat by the window in a restaurant with the best possible view and a menu that we love; and a luxury en suite hotel room.
We are both retired and enjoy travelling as much as we can. Flying is not our favourite pastime and airports are not our favourite places. It all seems a very uncivilised way to travel. We enjoy travelling with our motorhome throughout the UK and Europe. We first started motorhome travel in November 2007 and since then we have travelled tens of thousands of miles during our adventures. These have ranged from the north coast of Scotland to the Costa Blanca in Spain and taken in most of UK plus France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. We still have many places to visit and we will continue to provide updates on this website. If you would like to contact us, we would love to hear from you. Just click on the mail icon, below, to send us an email.
(below) a few photos of the inside. At the front is the dining/sitting area, in the middle is the galley (sink and hob on one side and fridge/freezer on the other). Moving rearwards, one side is shower room and on the other side are toilet and wash basin. Beyond these are a wardrobe on each side and then the rear bedroom.
(above and below) day and night (right) six for lunch
For the technical people: The chassis is Iveco, 7 tonnes and is fitted with VB air suspension both front and back. This not only gives a very comfortable drive but allows us to level up front to back when we arrive on site. It is left hand drive and has a six speed automatic/manual gearbox, cruise control and differential lock. We weigh in at just under 6 tonnes when we are loaded up for a long trip. The fuel consumption is around 21 m.p.g. overall, which we are quite pleased with, in view of the weight. We have fresh water and waste water tanks of 230 litres each and drinking water is drawn through a filtration system so that we do not need to go shopping for bottled water. Heating is provided by an ALDE system which can be operated either on mains electricity at 1kw, 2kw or 3kw or on LPG at 5kw. The system heats the hot water and also provides central heating through a network of radiators both inside the motorhome and in the garage and lockers. The water tanks are in between the double floor which is also a heated area so that nothing should freeze even in very low temperatures. The LPG is stored in two 11kg tanks and these are refillable from the LPG pumps in many garages across UK and Europe. Accomodation is front lounge, kitchen (with double sink, fridge/freezer, gas oven, 3 ring gas hob) shower, washroom / toilet, two wardrobes and a rear bedroom. We have twin beds in the rear and a drop down double bed which is over the driving seats. At the rear is a large garage which provides a large storage area for bicycles, ladders, buckets and mops and all the camping gear like tables, chairs and we also carry a small twin tub washing machine and a crate for the beer! On the roof is a dish which automatically finds the satellite TV signal wherever we may be in Europe.